The Hayward Education website was a portal which did give information and materials relating to current and past exhibitions and projects.

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Renowned for its supportive, welcoming and friendly atmosphere, the school is dedicated to providing a rich educational experience and is committed to standards of excellence in all endeavours.

Learning a language website was designed to offer advice and information about leading language learning software. Please use the site to find information and jobs in teaching resources for language learning, the products available, information on the companies who develop the software and recommended places to buy the software.

Do you like sports? Tenpin bowling, golf, tennis, football and cricket are available nearby. If you like doing less energetic things, we regularly arrange our own private school excursions, visits, class meals, dvd evenings, pub tours and parties...but we might make you dance at the parties!!

At the School of English, you'll get more individual attention from our teachers and your language skills will improve quickly because we try to have only 6 or 8 students in a clas insists there must never be more than 10, so you'll get much more 'student talking time' with us!

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